Friday, October 31, 2014

Today is a Ta Da Day!

Creating With Details - handmade craft store

Yep, definitely a ta da day.  I found out a couple of days ago but had to mums the word until now. It's all so exciting... but let me catch my breath and begin at, well, at the beginning.  I've been chosen to be a designer for Creating with Details!, little ole' me!  When they asked me if I would accept... I thought, "what's a girl to do?  Being called upon to spend grueling hours up to my neck in lace and bling and all other manner of crafty goodness... are you kidding me?  I didn't even have time to bat an eyelash before I said, YES!"

Needless to say I'm tickled as a bean in a three bean salad to be chosen to make lovely art pieces using the fabulous crafty supplies from Creating with Details!  Our unveiling of actual projects won't begin until December 1st, and I start the ball rolling because I am the Monday designer... eeek!

Ahh, you ask, what is Creating with Details?  Well, let me tell you... Creating with Details is a small Super-Woman run company that offers up all kinds of crafty goodness from lace to charms and lots in between. Mixed media  - no problem; home decorating projects - covered; jewelry making supplies - you bet... now you're getting the idea!

You simply must pop over to one of Super-Woman's shops and see all the crafty goodness through your own eyes.  Oh, did I forget to mention that Creating with Details is owned and operated by the lovely Mai Larsen ?

I have lovingly dubbed her "Super-Woman." Why?  Because to manage running a home, a small business and an entire design team as well as assistants, ordering product, web and blog design and maintenance one has to quite simply be a Super-Woman! OK, and have a passion for beautiful things that are handmade.

Creating With DetailsMai is an adorable gentle gal from the northwestern part of the country where the skies are huge and star filled at night and by the light of day the cowboys still roam.  Can it get any more romantic?  I think not... unless you point your mouse in the direction of one of her online shops and find yourself in lace and embellishment heaven!  I kid you not!  Go look for yourselves!  I think you will agree!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Little Technology...

Hi Everyone, today is just a quick post on a very useful widget I found yesterday while I was catching up with the blogs I follow on Networked Blogs.  They have a new widget, you can see it in my sidebar, called Crosspost Enabled.  It allows you and your followers to pin to Pinterest your project photos and to share on FB, if so desired.

If you put your cursor over any pics on my blog you will see the little icons for Pinterest Pinning appear in the upper left-hand corner, and the "P" for Pinterest sharing as well as a 3/4 circle with an arrow in it over in the upper right-hand corner of any pic on my blog. The 3/4 circle with the arrow, as you will see if you put your cursor over it allows sharing the image in question on your FB page.

Pretty cool and easy to pin/and or share some of the things you find out in cyber-space that you deem worthy. As I have been looking for a while now on how to accomplish this I grabbed it and added it to my page.

Here is the link to get the widget for your blog if you so desire...  Symphony is the newest platform for Networked Blogs but other than this little crossposting widget I am telling you about, Symphony costs a monthly fee, which I for one see no need for a paid social networking feature that I can get with other sources for free.  But that's just me... Hope you find this useful...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oh My Gosh, cute, cute, cute!!!

I told you all that I had not completely left my woolly wonderfulness creating with fiber and such!  To honor that statement I just had to share this adorable scarf that I am most certainly going to be making.  The pattern can be found over at Zelna's blog Zooty Owl !

Hope this day finds all of you well and creating your little fingers off... holidays are right around the corner after all!  I'm just sayin'... :D

granny stripe scarf

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkin Espresso OR Earl Grey Lattes...

It's fall, well no surprise there but that also means some of our favorite seasonal beverages are making the rounds again!  With money being so tight for many of us I have been looking for alternatives to my beloved Starbucks... I know, I know... but what's a girl to do?  Go without entirely?  Not a chance!  In that spirit I was out blog hopping and discovered two fabulous new blogs and the following link you to the recipes.

You know I have to try them out but in the meantime I figured I would also share it with those of you who share my love of everything pumpkin, and perhaps Earl Grey tea? You will find the full recipes over at the creators' blogs. First, over at Korilynn's blog "One Cheap Utah Chick".

Next is Ali from Gimme Some Oven with a recipe for a latte. It uses Earl Grey tea as the base, yummm! (However I think I might leave out the lavender...)

You will find lots of creative and "cheap" recipes over at both Korilynn's blog and Ali's blog
 So, you are waiting for...?