Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Very short post today. It's my birthday and I was oddly motivated to clean my desk in order to get ready for the next project on my list. To make up for the boring view of my desk I thought I would entertain you with the current snow storm we are experiencing. Enjoy and see you all next week at Julia's WOYWW!  I might be late visiting everyone as our power keeps flickering due to the heavy wet snow so we may lose power... *sigh* such is a country life... but hey, somebody has to do it :D

Wide view of my main work desk top.  I have two other work spaces that are stations for my die cutting and the other is for my book binding.  A full tour will be coming in January when I participate in the Grow Your Blog Party on January 25th over at Vicki's "2 Bags Full" blog.

A little better view of my recent project of storage on a turntable.  Since my last post I decided to elevate it so I decorated another can and glued it to the underside of the turntable.  Now
I have some space underneath to tuck things out of the way and my tools in the cans on the turntable are at eye level so they are easier to find and reach.

It is really pretty to look out at the falling snow from my desk... this I must admit is one
of the perks of having two windows in my studio... 
I can watch the seasons change as they inspire me to create

My new Cricut Explore, which I have no clue how to use as of yet! :D

OK, Ready for some snow? I would add to this that at 10:00 a.m. this morning not a single
snowflake was on the ground!  It's now 2:30 p.m.  We don't mess around here in New England! LOL!

This is the view right out of my front door and left.

My poor copper kitty, look at those frozen whiskers... brrrrrrrrrr

OK, so guiltily you can see I hadn't gotten around to cleaning up the garden... maybe
I will get a reprieve and this batch of snow will melt so I can scoot in and
do a fast clean up, and get my precious ceramic pots indoors before 
they crack out in the snow and cold

Yes Louise, those are falling snowflakes!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ode to the past, present and future

~ On the Other Side of Sixty ~

Of late I have been in a deep introspective place in my heart and mind.  I guess it's normal as one approaches a big life event. Dealing with sudden rushes of sadness followed by tears, dread, then laughter and feelings of well being as I struggled with the issue of turning sixty this coming November 26th. How did it happen so quickly? I don't feel any different. I think the way I have always thought, albeit hopefully, with a little more wisdom. Well, of course my body has new little aches, my eyeglass prescription has been changed several times over the last few years to where I now must wear them all the time if I want to read something or work on my computer.  For the first time I am actually looking back over my life!

Has it really been 37 years since I first walked the halls of my first college - filled with the dreams of a starry-eyed freshman already counting the days until I would become a PhD. and professor of archaeology? Studying the ancient past to better understand the human condition, pondering what once was and considering how it might help us follow more straightly our path to becoming better at being human? Of course I was going to change the world!

Recently I was in contact with one of my beloved anthropology professors only to discover he had retired and had cancer. The ensuing shock accompanying the fact that he was the last of the anthropology department as I had known it.

Many of my professors had passed away at terribly early ages soon after I graduated and went off to graduate school, all unbeknownst to me at the time but nonetheless painful as I discovered this truth. I suddenly felt a gaping hole inside me - the kind you feel when you lose something or someone so close to you that they are a part of you.

The sadness was overwhelming. I was mourning not only my professors' absence but also all those bright shiny unfulfilled lost dreams.  The feelings were so totally new to me and flooded my mind so quickly I could do nothing but sit down and cry, and cry, and cry some more. Eventually as the tears subsided the emptiness that will never again be filled as it once was made a new void in my heart.

Now as I am a mere few days away from this right of passage I still have mixed emotions, some sad and some happy.  Not living in a society that reveres it's "Elders," where things are all youth oriented it is a challenge to "Grow Old Gracefully"; however, I am determined to leave my own unique statement upon this life colloquium.

Then I was a starry eyed anthropology student, a lover of nature, photographer, wife of a doctor, gardener, music lover, animal lover and free spirit.

Today I am a wife of another, artist, free spirit, gardener, medievil music lover, photographer, painter, writer, animal lover, naturalist, avid reader, blog designer, weaver, confirmed vanilla lover, and rescuer of worms from puddles, and spiders from the rain.

~Growing Old Gracefully~


Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I'm a little late getting my post up for this weeks' What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday but it's still Wednesday here in New Hampshire! :D  I spent the day putting the finishing touches on my supply turntable from last week.  You see the aftermath as I just finished it all up and was giving it a once over!  I like it so much I am going to make a two-tired version next.  Since clip-it up's are so scarce now I decided I will add hanging clips from the top tier and have access to the paper flowers I use all the time and perhaps some zip-locks with double sided tape, ink pads and so on.  OK, OK, enough babbling here is my first finished turntable...

and... remember a couple of posts back I found that really cool DIY dress form?  Well, that is going to be one of my next projects, aside from the double tiered supply turntable.  I found the perfect graduated wire baskets to use and they arrived a couple of days ago:

I know it's hard to see that they are indeed graduated in size... this was the best pic of the lot so you just need to use your imagination a bit.. you're all very good at that!  I know because I've seen your desks!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What's On My Work Desk Wednesday

Hi Everyone, well my desk is full of upcycled tin cans that are destined to be beautified and made into storage/organization for my art desk.  You know all those supplies you are always reaching for so why bother putting them away?  I just saw a video on Youtube, which I am linking to so you can go see if this project might be something you are interested in doing 
to prettify your art desk a little bit.  The YouTube video just shows you all the prettiness of the finished product... I am going to be working up a step-by-step photo version
and will post it on my website in the next couple of weeks in case some of you are interested in making one of these yourselves.

# 284

My Craft/Work Desk Today Wednesday

Where my inspiration came from: 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day 2014

To those that are serving and have served a very large Thank You for protecting our freedoms and ideals and keeping us safe!!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Custom Dress Form

I don't know about all of you but I have been drooling over vintage dress forms for a couple of years now.  Of course I can't afford to have one of the gorgeous custom made dress forms and certainly can't afford a vintage one.  Next best thing? Make one!

Now, let's qualify that comment a tad first.  I have been on Pinterest for unusual amounts of time the past few weeks and today I was rewarded. I found a homemade version of a dress form that doesn't require one wrapping themselves in papier mache or duct tape and looks absolutely fabulous. Translation?  I just have to make one.  Don't worry, I am going to post the link to the gal's blog that was so stinkin' creative - just in case you want to make one for yourselves ... 
OK -
You start with these supplies:

And end up with this!

Holy Cow!  One can't be much more creative than this!!! So here is Susan's blog link to her post for making the dress form.  You should spend some time over at Susan's blog poking around because she has some great ideas... not that any of us is short on ideas...I'm just sayin' !