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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Design Teams, paper and copic markers...'

Hi All, well I've been away from my paper arts muse for far too long.  I found her (my paper art muse that is) sleeping over in a comfy corner of my studio with two spiders eyeing her!  I woke her up quick as a bunny and before you could say die cuts she had me back on my favorite design team over at Scrapbook Stamp Society by Sherri Ann Baldy.  Sherri is an amazing artist and honestly I don't know where she gets all of her energy! Just in case you are not familiar with Sherri this is a little taste of her work.


So, you will be seeing card images and other mixed media art that uses Sherri's images all mixed in with my other crazy alter egos here on my blog.  No, no sheepie stuff at the moment... it's gone all quiet by my yarn and knitting needles.  I'm still weaving though so not to worry, I haven't completely jumped off the cliff :D

Hugs as always,

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gorgeous Velvet Pumpkins

Yep, I've been blog hopping again and I am really happy to bring this post over here to share with you all!  I love fall as most of you know but i don't always manage getting real pumpkins to sit out by the front door.  Well, with this solution I don't have to worry...I just pull them from my seasonal closet stash & voila!


5-Velvet Pumpkins & The Secret Garden Tea Room 001

These beauties come to us courtesy Patti over at her  Old Things New blog.

2-Velvet Pumpkin Tute 002

 Patti "created several sizes of pumpkins, using different sized plates as patterns.  The smallest pumpkin was traced from a salad plate and the largest from a serving tray".

4-Velvet Pumpkin Tute 005 

the “ingredients”:  White beans, Poly-fil, a couple different varieties of moss and dried pumpkin stems . . .
NOTE: For the pumpkin stems, you can dry stems taken from your own pumpkins OR, if you want a lot of them (like I did), you can walk through local pumpkins fields just after harvest and pick up what’s left behind (I actually did that . . . with permission of course). 
Begin by hand basting around the edges of your fabric circle with some extra strength thread.  Then pull the thread to gather the edges together, leaving just enough room to add the filler.
These are Patti's 3 tried and true tips:
Tip number 1:  Add some beans to the bottom of the pumpkin, filling it about one third of the way.  This will give your pumpkin stability so it won’t tip over.
Tip number 2:  Be careful not to stuff your pumpkin too much.  Add polyester filler until your pumpkin is about three-quarters full, then pull your basting thread tight and tie it off.  Stuffing the pumpkin too full will make the pumpkin stems will look like they are sitting on top of the velvet pumpkin, rather than growing from it.
1-Velvet Pumpkins 002Tip number 3:  THIS tip is why I call this the BEST way to make velvet pumpkins. Attach the stems with E6000 and then scrunch the pumpkin up around the stem and rubber band it in place until it dries.  Overnight is best.  Remove the rubber bands and voila . . . gorgeous velvet pumpkin!
8-Velvet Pumpkins & The Secret Garden Tea Room 011But what if you have a mess up and it doesn’t look so gorgeous . . . like if you accidentally glop glue on top of the velvet, or you stuff it a bit too much and the stem doesn’t sit down inside the velvet nicely, or if your stitching shows, or whatever . . . ?
6-Velvet Pumpkins & The Secret Garden Tea Room 002Simply add a little moss to cover up the goofs!
Velvet Pumpkins 038And here you have it . . . a pumpkin redeemed!
7-Velvet Pumpkins & The Secret Garden Tea Room 005Pop over to Patti's blog for more gorgeous ideas for arranging your pumpkins.  In fact, pop over and browse around as this gal has loads of inexpensive but fabulous result ideas for decorating your homes!
Hugs Always,BethNow I'm off to look for some pumpkin stems, and some velvet...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pumpkin Spice...

Just in case you missed this recipe last fall or are new to following my blog I brought back this uber favorite:

Follow this link to the original post for the recipe: pumpkin spice latte

Hugs always,
Beth P (hmmm, I really need to make a cute signature for this spot in my posts)!