Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Moving Day

N.B. - new blog from today forward:  and website is  I am leaving The Whimsical Dowager up for posterity I guess at least for now.  There is a lot of me in this blog and I'm not so quick that I want to erase it all.

Hi all! Today will be the last post at the Whimsical Dowager.  I have decided to build a brand new blog as well as my website.  This past year has been rough and it flowed well over into the new year of 2016.  I am just now getting my energy and motivation back.  Let's just say I spent far too long in a dark place but hopefully that is all over with for now.

I know many of you felt abandoned and it was most certainly not my attention... depression is a powerful thing that could stop a charging elephant in its tracks!  Anyway, with the turning of my 61st birthday I felt I needed a fresh start hence the new blog and website.  I hope at least some of you will be willing to follow me again and to those that don't I understand.

I feel my artsy interests have also metamorphosed where many of the old things no longer, at least now, hold no interest for me. (Never say never...)  I am still weaving but on the smaller size of necklaces and tapestries.  I have also picked up bead weaving which is just as meditative as weaving being as similar as they are. I have also fallen in love with paper collage and am just awaiting a couple of tools to get started in that.

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you over at my website and my new blog.

Great big giant hugs to you all...

Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Journey of Self-Discovery

I've been away from my blog for a good while now and thought I would check in with everyone to see how they are doing and to give a little update on me.  I've been on a journey of late looking beyond my magical muse because even she is unable to take me to all the places I need to visit for a deeper understanding of myself.

I've been hard at work in my studio challenging myself and taking leaps into the often unknown. I still have my weaving passion, as well as whimsical paintings and have been having lots of fun making prints on my homemade 12"x12" geli plate. WARNING: geli printing is ADDICTIVE!

I've also been trying my hand at making my own stencils but I have really gotten hooked on learning collage.  As usual I am taking more classes than humanly possible to finish in this lifetime but I have been paying special attention to actually making the art from the workshops this year!... that's a big NEW terrain for me : )

The house is collecting cobwebs I am ashamed to say and the garden... well, the garden.  It having been so cold so late into the spring I couldn't do anything outside.  Then it got too buggy... because of the incredibly mild winter the bugs were really in force once it started warming up at the end of May. I hope to get at least my herb garden started and the trellises and arbor up but I have a feeling that will be the limit this year.  Hopefully, this fall won't get so cold so quickly and I can plant the bulbs and peonies for next season.

This is where I left off last spring... stay tuned for an update

Have a fabulous summer everyone - I will check in as time allows...

Saturday, January 9, 2016

What Ever...

I have been blogging since late 2009 and it has been a wonderful journey.  It really is an Internet journal where I have tracked my ever fickle muse and my eclectic personality.  Many blogs are going the way of the Dodo and although I am unsure where my blog is going at the moment I hope to find a new fit for my online journaling.  I have loved making friends although truthfully I have not been the best at keeping in touch.  I'm currently thinking about changes that I could make to The Whimsical Dowager to keep both myself writing and at the same time entertaining my many dear friends.  I don't know how long these changes will take nor what they will look like or even if they will happen. Know that I will still visit you all more no matter what happens.

Giant Hugs for now...

Monday, November 23, 2015


Lest you all think I finally jumped off the cliff of blogging I thought I should at least make a sound or two to let you know I'm still here.  I really had forgotten how much trouble inquisitiveness could be contained inside one little kitten!!!  Winnie has no limits to her creative questioning of the world around her!  I even have to take the top thread off my sewing machine at night lest she chew on it...

To get you on your way for this new week...