Monday, November 23, 2015


Lest you all think I finally jumped off the cliff of blogging I thought I should at least make a sound or two to let you know I'm still here.  I really had forgotten how much trouble inquisitiveness could be contained inside one little kitten!!!  Winnie has no limits to her creative questioning of the world around her!  I even have to take the top thread off my sewing machine at night lest she chew on it...

To get you on your way for this new week...

Monday, September 28, 2015

An Early Morning

After the first restful night in weeks I was awoken by the frolicking Tigger-like bounces of my 15 week old kitten, Ms. Winnie!  It was at the latest a few moments past sunrise when I noticed it. The crispness of the air could be seen in the heathered sky of soft pinks and oranges surrounded by the beginning coloring of the daily blue sky.  Early mornings, so I am told, as I am not generally considered a morning person, are often this beautiful. Filled with the scent of possibility.  

If not for this tiny little bundle of joy who has barely been on this earth for a heartbeat in geologic time all the beauty, and the accompanying calm that washed over my soul would have been completely missed, moving silently and unacknowledged into the vaults of time passed. All is connected.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Five on Friday

Hi everyone!!! Wow it's already past the middle of September... how does that happen? Today is our Five on Friday post with Amy over at Love Made My Home... thanks and Hi Amy!!! :D

This week's post won't have many original photos because my SD card and card reader both decided it was time to leave me and go to technology heaven.  So, I find myself rather lost being unable to take pictures!  Sometimes I find needing some photos for a post or some other project to be a bother but now that I am temporarily grounded photography wise... well, I'm babbling so lets get on with the show! :D

My five for this week is just a random compilation of things from the week.

Some of you may know that I am the proud people Mom to two lovely kitties, a Mom and her baby daughter.  I can tell you for sure I had forgotten how much energy is built into kitten-hood!  For those of you who are actual Moms, all I can say is WoW!!! I don't know how you kept up!

Mom cat, Maggie and baby cat Winnie who is just now 3 months old is into everything and chewing on anything she can get her teeth into.  She is so sweet and so funny to watch with all her kitten antics!  Maggie is a great Mom who seems to be saying about now that it's time to finally get some quality sleep since Winnie is finally weened, well almost anyway.

I've had to put away all of my weaving, knitting, spinning, yarn, wool etc to keep out of Winnie's reach.  She does have an extreme interest in dangly bits! LOL!  So, all is safely tucked away for a time when Winnie is bigger and a little more calm.

What has taken the place of all those wonderful hobbies of mine you might ask?  I pulled out all of my bins of quilting fabric along with several quilts in various stages of completion and put them in the places my yarn bins were living.  A while back I sold off my uber fancy Bernina on Ebay and purchased a very inexpensive Brother computerized sewing machine.  I spent a few hours yesterday getting acquainted with her and now I am almost ready to begin quilting again!

I am really chomping at the bit to make a so called "modern" quilt design with some of those fabulous colorways fabric designers are now making. For example:

Some luscious fabric packs from Missouri Quilt Company

The yellow mustards combined with the aquas would make this so soft and fresh.  I can imagine waking up to this one hanging in my bedroom on a wall

I am especially loving this indigo collection for a comfy porch quilt for those early fall days

And last but not least this just screams fall and cozy... well, to me anyway :D

Now just waiting for the arrival of some new rotary cutting blades ... mine have been well used and have just been sitting around in their dull state for dare I say, quite a number of years... I know, I know I hear you! :D  

I think by tomorrow I will get started picking through my own fabric stash before purchasing any more fabric to see what combinations I can come up with.  I really must reign in this shopping virus I seem to have come down with!!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

So Much Energy...or not!!!

Holy cow did I forget how much energy is stored up in one tiny ball of kitten!!! LOL!  Winnie is exhausting but a wonderful kind of exhausting of course.  It's funny to watch her and her mom play and run all over the house, and it does my heart good to know that I have been able to offer these two astoundingly loving animals a safe place they can truly call home!

The contrast between Maggie (mom cat) and Winnie (baby cat) is really interesting to watch as Maggie is very cautious, perhaps that's because she became a mom cat or perhaps it's just her personality while Winnie runs around with the reckless abandon of youth, lol!

You remember youth don't you?  I vaguely do :D  We thought we were invincible and were going to change the world, ha, ha, ha!  Okay, in all fairness I'm sure some did manage to change small portions of the world.  Me, I am happy if I can keep my tiny little corner of the world under some semblance of control... more laughter I know! :D

So, to get to the point of this post, yes, Louise there is actually a point to this post :D  While re-discovering the energy and curiosity of a kitten I have had to completely re-think what crafts I could safely play with while Ms. Winnie is in her kitten-hood, and believe me it is not anything that involves string, yarn, beads or looms... SIGH!!!

I spent one entire day in my studio putting all of my WIP's away making sure their instructions were safely attached so I would be able to pick up, more or less where I had left off.  I wrapped up my projects that are already on looms so Ms. Winnie and her extreme fascination with dangly bits could not get into more trouble.  I say more trouble because Ms. Winnie did manage to pull and break a couple of strings of a bracelet I was bead weaving... luckily I caught it in time before she ate any string.

Although Winnie did not eat any string or seed beads I did spend about an hours worth of quality time with my carpet!!!  Do you know how tiny seed beads are?  Do you have any idea how hard they are to find in a carpet?  Finally, being relatively satisfied I had found as many seed beads as these aging eyes were going to find I sorted them into their respective colors and put them back into their bags for a time in the future... as yet undetermined! :D

Today I finished my studio re-re-re-re-re-organizing.  I moved 8 bins of my yarn out of my studio and 7 bins of fabric into the yarn's place.  The only thing I can safely work on at this time is quilting.  If I hadn't given all of my painting supplies away I would have considered painting some more of my Whimsical Ladies... oh well!  Isn't that how it always works?  You decide to have a clear out and then a little while down the road you are asking yourself why you gave it all away?! LOL!!! C'est la vie!

Today I will spend time learning how to use my new Brother CS-6000i sewing machine.  I will crack out my antique Singer for the basic stitching but for the quilting I need the fancy stitches on my Brother.  No, honestly, I don't regret or miss my uber fancy Bernina that I sold on Ebay.  She had always been more machine than I ever needed or used.  Hopefully, soon I will be able to show you some photos of projects but at the moment my SD card and card reader both have died and are awaiting replacement.

For now I am attaching this really cool video by Missouri Star Quilt Company of the quilt I am planning out... enjoy... Even if you don't quilt you have to see this, it is really amazing how easy this complicated quilt is.  I wish I had this kind of creative brain! :D