Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A New Girl in Town


Hi Everyone, just wanted to introduce Savannah our new kitty.

A little blurry because she is a kitty with overdrive!!!  Ahhh, kitten hood!

Savannah helping Mom getting stuff ready for my sale!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sale Update


Hi Everyone!!! Very quickly, I have had quite a few requests regarding my sale and the no International sales.  Honestly, I just figured with the crazy shipping costs we all are currently facing that International buyers wouldn't be interested due to the shipping.  I have given this a lot of thought and decided it isn't fair to exclude so many of my blogging sisters who are clearly interested in some of my STUFF so I am going to have International shipping available on my Etsy site!!!  I would say the best way to purchase is to have me Reserve List for you if you are interested in more than one item so it can go in one package and at one shipping fee.

I have been assessing everything that I am going to be selling off and it is going to take me quite a while to get everything listed so what I may do first is to list specific items with the price here on my blog so if you are interested in setting up Reserve Listings we can do it easier here first.

I would love to have feedback from you all here on my blog as to whether this is something you think you would be interested in.  I just want to get it all out of my studio as soon as I can.

Here is my first blog listing but please note that one of my lovely followers has first dibs on any of the following titles.  I emailed her this list this morning and am waiting to hear back.  I will keep you all posted.

Art/Craft Techniques DVD's :  Unless otherwise stated all DVD's are $14.00 plus shipping

 Collage: Paper, Patterns and Glazing by Anne Bagby  $17.00

Pattern & Form: Advanced Collage Techniques with Anne Bagby Pattern and Form: Advanced Collage Techniques by Anne Bagby

 Pure Color Glazing in Watercolor by Arleta Pech

 Exploring Fabric Collage by Lesley Riley

 Fundamentals of Painting with Michael Lang  $17.00

Acrylic Journey: From Trash to Treasure & Inward Look An Acrylic Journey: From Trash to Treasure and An Inward Look with Mary Todd Beam

 Turning it Upside Down with Nicole Kennedy $5.00

 Acrylics: Textures, Layers and Metallics with Jacqueline Sullivan

Collage Textures & Techniques with Claudine Hellmuth Collage: Textures and Techniques with Claudine Hellmuth $10.00

 Vibrant Orchid Painting in the Flow of Watercolor with Ann Pember- (unopened)

 Commanding Color with Sue Archer (unopened)  SOLD

 Learn to Knit : Basic Knitting and Sweater Finishing with Nancie Wiseman (this is one of the best knitting DVD's I have ever seen!)  $25.00

DVD: Getting Started [Knitting], Basics and Beyond Getting Started: Basics and Beyond with Eunny Jang ( knitting DVD)

 Knitting Daily Workshop: Reversible Cables with Lily Chin (unopened)

 Knitting Daily Workshop: Domino Knitting with Vivian Hoxbro (unopened)

COPIC MARKERS: $214.50 for 66 markers.
The duplicates will sell as a separate group 6  for $18.00 - (approximately 1/2 my markers are Sketch and the other 1/2 are Ciao markers and all are brand new never used!!!)

Sorry to keep changing this listing but I have decided it would just be too much to sell off individual markers so the set is 66 markers with 6 duplicates selling the duplicates as a separate group of 6 markers. Duplicate markers are denoted by asterisk * after the marker number...

RV19, RV21*, RV25, RV29, RV34,

R24, R27, R29, R32, R37, R39, R46, R59

Y06, Y11, Y15, Y17, Y21, Y28, Y38,

YG03, YG06, YG17, YG23, YG63, YG67

YR00, YR02, YR04, YR07, YR20, YR16, YR23, YR31,

G05, G17, G99*,

E11, E21, E25, E37*, E50, E51, E59,

BV00, BV02*, BV04, BV08*, BV13, BV25, BV29,

V07, V09, V12, V17

B21, B24, B29*, B32, B34, B39

BG10, BG09, BG15,



PanPastels: $55.00
 PanPastels Set - never opened set of 20 colors + 2 extra I purchased earlier in colors Turquoise Shade and Diarylide Yellow Shade - (boxed set of 20 includes: titanium white, orange, violet, phthalo green, burnt sienna, hansa yellow, permanent red, ultramarine blue, permanent green raw umber, diarylide yellow, red iron oxide, phthalo blue, chromium oxide green, black, yellow ochre, magenta, turquoise, bright yellow green, neutral grey).

Prisma Colored Pencil Set Of 72:  $45.00 (99.9% brand new - used a couple of colors, once)

Thank you for bearing with me as I work at selling off the paper arts side of my studio.  I will try to post some fun and more interesting things in between the pricing list posts!!!
Hugs to you all...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Huge Studio Spring Cleaning/Destash...

A quick post to let everyone know that I am making a huge change in my crafting life.  I am ridding my studio of ALL of my paper arts supplies and tools.  I will be uploading everything mostly to my etsy shop and expect to start the sale by the end of this week, Friday February 27th.  I will continue uploading items until I have them all listed and the sale will continue until everything is sold or I see that it is not selling.

To be included in the sale: (Note: almost all of the items for sale are completely new/never used.  I sold off things a couple of years ago and then replaced them all... I know, duh! However, haven't used the new stuff so it is going). If you are interested in something I have listed below you can contact me via email and I can put up a Reserve Listing in my Etsy shop for you; just let me know. Please only serious interests as I want to get all of this out of my studio by early spring so I can begin setting up my weaving and quilting studio (early spring for those of us in New Hampshire is late April).

Apologies to my International friends but shipping fees are so crazy out of control I will be unable to sell Internationally.

Some of the Items Going up for Sale:
  • Anna Griffin Cuttlebug Die cut machine
  • Extension plates for above
  • Embossing machine 
  • Loads of embossing folders
  • Lots and lots of fancy dies 
  • All of my rubber stamps 
  • Ink pads
  • Soldering set up for jewelry making
  • Sheet Copper for jewelry making
  • Cinch binding machine + binding wires
  • Cricut Explore machine
  • Handmade flower press with all pressed flowers
  • Lots of  6x6 scrapbook paper pads
  • Bow-it-all machine
  • All kinds of embellishments (paper flowers, flat-back pearls and bling, charms, vintage key replicas, tons of ribbon, small resin cameos and resin flowers...)
  • Fancy paper napkins for collage work
  • Book binding supplies: needles, hole punch, waxed Irish thread...
  • All of my knitting needles
  • All of my knitting books
  • All of my crafting books - mixed media; book arts; soap making; card making; calligraphy... all to be reasonably priced from $2.50 to $15.00 plus shipping
  • Cellophane protective card sleeves; bookmark sleeves; card envelopes
  • Calligraphy nibs
  • Pan Pastels
  • Watercolors
  • Watercolor brushes
  • Watercolor paper - Fabriano 140# hot press
  • Drawing pads and drawing pencils
  • Adjustable Rectangle Loom - adjusts from 12"; 2.5'; 3'; 5' 
  • Acrylic paints both used tubes/bottles and brand new tubes/bottles - probably will sell as a lot
  • Colored pencils - will be sold off as a lot
  • All of my Copic markers - will be sold off as a lot
  • Fancy shaped glass bottles
  • Ephemera - old dictionaries; old book covers to use in book making; old stamps; other
  • Leather cord for making bracelets
  • Leather embossing tools (can also be used for metal)
  • Metal embossing tools - full alphabet and numbers; misc. shapes
  • Scrap leather pieces for jewelry making
  • Fine Italian leather for book covers - several colors
  • Back Issues of : Somerset Apprentice; Somerset Memories; Altered Couture; Belle Armoire; Somerset Studio and more
  • Jewelry making supplies: scrabble tiles; dominos; glass rectangles and 1" glass squares; copper tape; silver tape
  • Old National Geographics great for collage work ( I have well over 150 issues) Will probably sell 15 for $1.00 plus shipping
  • Many DVD classes: Mixed media; Watercolor; Painting; Knitting; Spinning; Dyeing...
  • Transfer paper, shrinky dink, vellum sheets
  • Air dry clay
I'm sure there is more but this is a solid start.  Remember, if you are interested in something specific I have listed let me know and I will set up a Reserve Listing for you in my Etsy shop.  Please only serious buyers!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sadness Beyond Imaginable Belief...

Raphael Pollock
2000 - 2015

Curae leves loquuntur ingentes stupent  

(Slight griefs talk, great ones are speechless).

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WOYWW # 297

If you have been a follower of my blog or popped by on occasion you will recall my "mouse" issue in my studio.  Well, the last pieces of new storage arrived late last week and I did manage to put them together and get them moved into the studio but that is about all I've managed.

Sorry for being so late on my post for this week but I had some serious kitty issues earlier that required my full attention... but that is for another time, suffice it to say all is well now!  If you are new to my blog and/or don't know what WOYWW is please pop over to Julia's blog "Stamping Ground" for all the skinny on this fun weekly blog hop, or more properly said, weekly desk hop!

Yesterday, I finally had some energy and dismantled one of my desk tops and moved all my crates of books out of the way.  I also moved the first piece of new storage furniture into its new home, almost. Much to my dismay the adjacent desk, which is covered in stuff moved from other spots in the room is of course in the way of me getting the new piece angled properly by 2 inches!  Grrrr, lol!

I'm hoping for a couple of days relief from my fibromyalgia where I can work all out and get my studio back into action!  I'm seriously going through crafting withdrawal!!!  Anyway, in the pictures below you can get a general idea of the state of my work space.  On the left at the back of the room you can just see one of my 2 new units (white cubical) that will be used to brace up both of my desktops, which are two 6 foot x 2 foot lovely birch boards that I stained with a golden oak color. The green lidded clear containers are homes for all of my fabric and yarn that the mice didn't damage.

Hopefully, soon I will have a new reveal to show on WOYWW... stay tuned...

A wider angle of the same disaster...LOL!  Amazing what a few tiny little creatures can cause...